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Tutorials and Articles


The following tutorials show how to use the ROME API. They focus on the higher abstraction layer of classes offered by ROME, what we call the Synd* classes. By using the Synd* classes developers don't have to deal with the specifics of any syndication feed. They work with normalized feeds, the Synd* feeds. This makes it much easier to write applications that have to deal with all the variety of syndication feed types in use today.

  1. Using ROME to read a syndication feed
  2. Using ROME to convert a syndication feed from one type to another
  3. Using ROME to aggregate many syndication feeds into a single one
  4. Using ROME to create and write a feed
  5. Defining a Custom Module bean, parser and generator
  6. Using ROME within a Servlet to create and return a feed

For instructions on how to build and run the samples used in the tutorials click here.