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Preserving WireFeeds

WireFeeds will be preserved if the property preserveWireFeed is set on the SyndFeedInput object it is built from:

SyndFeedInput in = new SyndFeedInput();
SyndFeed syndFeed =;
WireFeed wireFeed = syndFeed.originalWireFeed();

Atom/RSS Entry/Item objects are also available from SyndEntry objects if the WireFeed is preserved:

Object obj = syndEntry.getWireEntry();
if (obj != null && obj instanceof Entry) {
        // it is an Atom Entry object
        // do Atom specific stuff, eg:
        Entry entry = (Entry) o;
} else if (obj != null && obj instanceof Item) {
        // it is a RSS Item object
        // do RSS specific stuff eg:
        Item item = (Item) o;

The Fetcher can be set to preserve WireFeeds by setting the preserveWireFeed property to true:


-- Main.nicklothian - 11 Mar 2009