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ROME Propono Version 0.6

September 30, 2007

This is the third release of the Rome Propono publishing library. It includes major changes to add support for the final Atom Publishing Protocol specification relative URIs and out-of-line categories. It's an an interim release it includes a pre-release version of ROME 0.9.1-dev. A new version will follow as soon as ROME 0.9.1 (or 1.0) has been finalized.


  • Updated for APP final (draft #17) w/new APP URI ""
  • Tested file-based server against Tim Bray's Ape (from CVS September 30, 2007).
  • Now includes pre-release of ROME 0.9.1 with key Atom parse fixes.
  • Changed arguements in Atom server's AtomHandler interface to accept AtomRequest objects instead of String[] pathinfo arrays.
  • Added support for relative URIs in the Service Document
  • Added new options to the file-based server's file so you can turn on/off relative URIs and inline categories.
    • propono.atomserver.filebased.relativeURIs=true
    • propono.atomserver.filebased.inlineCategories=true
  • Added support for out-of-line categories in Atom client classes
  • Added support for out-of-line categories in Atom server classes
    • New AtomHandler.getCategoriesDocument(String[] pathInfo) method
    • New AtomHandler.isCategoriesDocumentURI(String[] pathInfo) method
  • Renamed Introspection to Service Document
    • AtomHandler.isIntrospectionURI() -> AtomHandler.isSerivceDocumentURI()
    • AtomHandler.getIntrospection() -> AtomHandler.getServiceDocument()
    • Added String[] pathInfo argument to getServiceDocument()
  • Renamed PubControlModule to AppModule becuase it also supports app:edited
    • Added file to configure AppModule